This is the FAQ for the Web hosting Accounts / Reseller / VPS Account holders

  • Can I send Bulk E-Mails?

    Actually, Your Green Link Hosting account is intended to be used for Website Hosting and is not intended for the sole purpose of sending e-mails. However, we allow our members to send Bulk E-Mails if the user subscribes via the "Double Opt-In" method. We do limit the number of e-mails that can be sent to 200 per hour. Any attempt to throttle the sending of bulk e-mails to bypass this limit is NOT PERMITTED. Our support team can increase this limit for you however we will require a live proof of your double opt-in policy. Finally, we will not be able to increase the email limit more than 350 emails.

  • What is Double Opt-In E-Mail Policy?

    Green Link always takes a strong stand on spam. As such, we require all users who make use of our services in order to send e-mails respect the following policy. The term double opt-in was coined by marketers in the late 90s to differentiate it from what they call single opt-in, where a new subscriber to an e-mail list gets a confirmation e-mail telling them they will begin to receive e-mails if they take no action. This is compared to double opt-in where the new subscriber must respond to the confirmation e-mail to be added to the list. The user is not added to the mailing list unless they respond to the "Opt-In Request" or click on a unique tracking link that is contained in the Opt in e-mail. Records of the conformation must be kept for a minimum of 5 years and supplied if requested by the Green Link Abuse team. Opt-Out Policy - All E-Mails must contain instructions to unsubscribe from your list. The process must be easy for the user to follow. Users must be unsubscribed from all future mailings within 12 hours of their Opt-Out Request.

  • Do you perform backups?

    Green Link Network does perform periodic backups if all data on our servers to protect against data loss. These backups are kept in the event of a server failure but these are not designed to be restored in the event of an accidental deletion. If you need an individual account restored due to accidental deletion, there will be a one time fee of $35.00 issued to your account per account that needs to be restored. Due to the number of accounts that we host, we cannot guarantee that the nightly backup of the account may be complete, if this is the case, we will restore an account taken the day before. We do not perform backups of VPS. Moreover, the customers who's account contains more then 2 GB of used space may be excluded from backups

  • I have my own SSL certificate, can you install it for me?

    Whether you purchase an SSL certificate through us or through someone else, we can install it for you. There is a one time $25 installation fee and $10 a month for a dedicated IP. This is for all custom SSL certificates. Just submit a ticket from client area.

  • I forgot my Cpanel Password / Password Not Working?

    Whether your Cpanel password is not working just check the caps lock on the keyboard and try to type a password on notepad and check that whether keyboard settings are ok or not. If you want a reset then just generate a ticket to Support team our support team will reset and reply to you on that ticket.

  • How can I cancel my service(s)?

    We, here at Greenlinkmarketing.com, take client satisfaction very seriously and will do everything we can to ensure that you have a great hosting experience.However, if you wish to cancel one or more of your services with us, you can do so by following the below instructions: 1) Login to your client account by clicking here 2) Click on the Services link followed by My Services 3) Click on the View Details button next to the service(s) that you wish to cancel 4) Click on the Management Actions tab followed by the Cancel Service link. You must then enter a reason for cancelling your service(s). We review all comments and ask that you may your comment as constructive as possible since this allows us to work on and improve in the area that dissatisfied you. Of course, you may be cancelling for other reasons. Finally, choose whether you wish for the cancellation to happen Immediately (Within 24 hours) or at your due date and then click on the Cancel Service button.

  • How can I make my Password strong?

    The stronger your password is, the better security against intrusion by hackers and thieves. Your passwords are the keys you use to unlock your information, computer and online accounts. It's not hard to create strong passwords. This article would help you creating stronger passwords with a small amount of effort: Strong password checklist Password should be over eight characters in length. (Short passwords are easier to crack than long passwords) Password must contain letters (small and capital), numbers and special characters like @, $, #, * etc. but: Do not use sequential or repeating combinations, such as "12345678", "555555", "abcdefg". Do not use common words with letters replaced by numbers or symbols, such as "M1cr0$0ft" or "P@ssw0rd". Easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess, and: Not your login name, your son/daughter/spouse/pet's name, your birthday or your phone number. (common information about yourself or your family which people who know you can guess. Not dictionary-based words, in any language. Hackers use sophisticated tools that can rapidly guess passwords that are based on words in the dictionary, in a variety of languages, and using words spelled backwards. How to create easily a strong, memorable password One way could be to come up with a "passphrase" by following these tips: Think of a sentence that you can remember easily, such as "My cat fuzzy is four months older than my dog bablo". This will be your passphrase; Take the first letter of each word of the sentence to create a new word. Using the example above, you'd get: "mcfi4motmdb". Then mix it up by using a combination of upper and lowercase letters and numbers. Example: "mCfI4MoTmDb" Finally, substitute some special characters that look like letters, to make this password even stronger. Example: "mCfI4M0@mDb" Don't forget do's and do not's: Change passwords regularly Don't store written passwords in your desk; Don't give your passwords out to friends or family members; Never provide your password over e-mail Don't enable the Save Password Option Do not use the same passwords for multiple accounts

  • What are path for different tools?

    1. MP4Box is installed to /usr/local/bin/MP4Box 2. Path to FLVTool2 is /usr/local/bin/flvtool2 3. Path to FFMPEG is /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg 4. Path to mencoder is/usr/bin/mencoder

  • What is my Hourly E-Mail Limit?

    There is a 150 hourly email limit per domain, this limit is also applied towards mailman. If you send over this amount in any hour most of the e-mails will bounce back with a undeliverable error. Many of our servers have a 60 pop checks per hour limit per domain. If you go over this you're likely to get a wrong password error message saying login incorrect. Just wait an hour and it will automatically unlock you. To prevent this from happening again make sure to disable auto checking or at least set it to something higher such as 10 minutes. Any mailing list larger than 5,000 will require a VPS or dedicated hosting solution from us.

  • Why do I see a 500 Server Error when I try to access my website by browsing to http://<serverip>/~username ?

    greenlinkmarketing.com network uses mod_userdir on all servers to restrict access to websites via a tilde(~) symbol as this is often used for abuse. If you need to access your website via a tilde(~) please contact our support team with the username of the account that you wish to access and we will add an exception. This can be done only after clear explaination from user.

  • Why does it show that I am on a VPS?

    Green Link Networks has decided to visualize our infrastructure, one of the steps involved was to move all physical servers into virtual machines. Hassan Solutions Network does manage the host nodes that ride on top of these virtual machines. Our server nodes have at least 4 individual processors with 8 cores each.

  • Do you allow Adult Sites to be hosted on your servers?

    We allow our customers to host Adult web sites, this also includes Video Web Sites if you abide by the following conditions : The adult contents must be legal in the United States of America. You Must Comply with USC 2257 You may not "hotlink" your content from another domain means content must be hosted by hassansolutions.com instead of any other website Reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that your content cannot be viewed by minors You must inform us that you are going to be hosting adult content If you are a Reseller, you are responsible for your clients to follow these instructions

  • Why is my IP being blocked by your server?

    Usually, when there are continuous login failure attempts (e.g. wrong password tries) within a short period of time from an IP address, our firewall will automatically treat it as an attacking host and ban/block the particular IP address from our servers to prevent further attacks, as part of our security precaution. To prevent your IP address from being blocked by our firewall, make sure that you do not attempt more than 3 times of login failures within every 15 minutes. If you suddenly find yourself unable to connect to your website while others can, it is likely that your IP address has been blocked by our firewall. In this case, send a ticket to our Support Department AFTER performing the following troubleshooting routines: 1. Open this URL, http://whatismyipaddress.com/ and copy your IP address in notepad. 2. Open a support ticket to our Technical department and we will whitelist your IP from server.

  • Will you migrate my accounts for me?

    We will migrate up to 4 clients free of charge for any reseller client who signs up for any Reseller. - cPanel Accounts with data above 2 GB will not be migrated - There is no limit on the number of packages that can be migrated - However, for Reseller Hosting, we will only be able to migrate packages with a maximum of 3 Accounts under it - Packages with more than 5 Accounts will be charged based on the number of accounts that need to be migrated (Usually $5 per account) - If you have an existing Reseller Hosting package, we will not be able to migrate cPanel accounts for free into it - We will only be able to migrate cPanel accounts to a new Reseller Hosting package

  • My website got hacked, what to do?

    This is an evolving guideline and pretty much covers all aspects of security that are your responsibility as a hosting account holder. If you follow them all, your account will remain secure and not hacked again. 1. First thing you need to do is check all vendor/developer sites for ALL web scripts/applications used in your account for any updates including any mod you may be using in any web application. If you are using any open source web application, that may be the prime suspect. However, you must check all and keep them up to date. 2. Once you have verified that 100% of the installed scripts are the latest stable version, you will need to go through all files of your account and make sure none were uploaded by hackers before you audited or left by you from an old install of an application. There may be suspicious files in folders you would never imagine and in folders several levels down. You can use ftp or cPanel file manager to go through all files under public_html and compare them with your local copy. [You should always maintain a local copy for this comparison as well as backup.] 3. Make sure all passwords are a mix of alpha-numeric and not a dictionary word. Just because you thought of a difficult word from the dictionary does not make you safe. Please also use both capitals and lowercase and at least 8 characters. 4. The MySQL database access to all web applications should be using separate db users. Do not ever use your main account user/pass for it. Your main user/pass should never be stored in any file in your account. 5. In your control panel, activate archive option of your web logs in Raw Log Manager. This will give you the opportunity to check how the hacker exploited one of the scripts. Otherwise all raw logs are cleared after generating stats. If you have already been hacked, its too late now but you can archive the logs for future attacks. 6. If you have customized a web application with a mod, make sure it is also the latest stable version. Many popular web application may be stable but one of the addon mods may be exploitable and possibly not maintained any more. 7. If you have written some code yourself, make sure all input variables are sanitized (checked for valid data before using it). Otherwise a single line of bad code can give access to your entire account. The usual blunder is to include a file based on user input. Again, make sure all input to a script is checked for valid data. All exploits are based on input data. If your site does not take any input, you are 100% safe from web exploits, i.e. if you run 100% static HTML site with no script whatsoever anywhere in your account. 8. For PHP, any application that uses register_globals to be active has more chances of being exploitable. Avoid such applications. 9. If you have some mail script, make sure it is safe from header injection. In essence make sure that email address, subject and other part of data that is being submitted by user does not contain line breaks. Some coding assistance is provided on our forums. 10. Using open source free web applications is great but you have to maintain it by regular updates or you can loose all your data and site if a new exploit is known about it. And as a hosting account owner, it is your responsibility that you have installed only stable applications in your account. 11. If your site has been running fine for years, it does not mean there were no security holes in it. It actually means that exploit was unknown or you were lucky that no one exploited it before. 12. For added security, change the permissions of your configuration files (having database credentials etc.) to 660. You can do that via ftp or file manager. This feature can work on shared hosting servers or if your VPS/dedicated server has phpsuexec through cPanel. 13. For added security, if you can block access to certain administrative sections of your site, do that by giving access to only authorized IP addresses and blocking access for everyone else, Or password protect it. 14. If there is any file upload facility in your account, make sure that only authorized members can use it. Also the uploaded file should not be accessible via web URL directly (i.e. stored outside of public_html) unless a) it is only uploaded by a site admin (responsible person) b) checked and validated to be not exploitable 15. If there is any URL forwarding or Webmail facility for your site membership, make sure it is not given to all without proper authorization or it could be used for spamming. 16. If you're just testing / trying something, which only you need and you know you won't actively keep up to date, just lock it behind a password right away. 17. Since shared/sdx/reseller servers come with suPHP, you do not need any file or folder with world write permissions. The normal folder permissions should not exceed 755. PHP/HTML files can be 644 (or lower through ssh). CGI/Perl scripts should be 755

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